The Work-Study Program encourages students to seek part-time employment while they are enrolled in school so they have a greater opportunity to earn rather than borrow money to pay for educational expenses. The program provides students access to work with the schedule flexibility they need so they can have a healthy balance between school commitments and their work obligations.

Student Portal to the Work-Study Management System (WSMS)

Employer Portal to the Work-Study Management System (WSMS)

How do I find a work-study job?

If you receive financial aid from UC Berkeley, and have a work-study award as part of your financial aid package, you can log in with your CalNet ID to the Student Portal to the Work-Study Management System (WSMS) to view the “Job Listings”.

You can search for a particular job category or you can sort according to the job headings. For job details, click on the 10-digit job number.

You can apply for work-study jobs just as you would apply for any job—with a resume, and, to increase your chances of getting an interview, a cover letter. The employer chooses how applicants apply for the job, selects the candidates to be interviewed, and does the hiring. If you’re hired, you’ll need to complete the referral process to ensure your earnings are classified as work-study. More information in the “Find and Get Referred to a Work-Study Job” section within the Work-Study Information for Students website.


Learn More

To learn more about work-study and how to begin searching for a job, please see Work-Study Information for Students.

For additional work-study questions, students can contact Cal Student Central.
Employers with questions should email

Employer Resources

Welcome to the Work-Study Program, we look forward to working together to provide work-study opportunities for students.

If you are an on-campus employer, please visit the Work-Study Information for On-Campus Employers page.

If you are an off-campus employer, please visit the Work-Study Information for Off-Campus Employers page.


Off-Campus Work-Study Employers

The following is a list of active employers within the last five years and some may have positions available now. To review current openings, go to Job Listings in the Work-Study Management System (WSMS) and sort the list by “Employer.” If you do not see a current opening for a company you are interested in, you can contact the company directly.

Also, if you don’t see the employer you hope or plan to work for, direct them to the Work-Study Information for Off-Campus Employer page for information about becoming a Work-Study employer.