Blue and Gold Opportunity Plan

​The University of California Blue and Gold Opportunity Plan makes college more affordable for California residents. The plan helps you cover your UC systemwide tuition and fees ($12,570 in 2021–22) if you are a California resident with an annual family income of less than $80,000 a year and are eligible for financial aid.

​An Opportunity Like No Other

​If you qualify for the Blue and Gold Opportunity Plan, your financial aid awards will include scholarships or grants of at least $12,570 for 2021–22. Please note that you cannot receive more awards under the Blue and Gold Opportunity Plan than your calculated financial need.

The plan combines all sources of scholarship and grant awards you receive (federal, state, UC, and private) to count toward covering your fees. If, for example, you receive a Pell Grant, a Cal Grant, and private scholarships that don’t fully cover your fees, your Blue and Gold award will make up the difference with UC grant money.

​Blue and Gold Facts

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