Regents’ and Chancellor’s Scholarship

The Regents’ and Chancellor’s Scholarship is the most prestigious scholarship offered by UC Berkeley to entering undergraduate students.

The scholarship is extended to a select cohort of Berkeley undergraduates who stand out for their creativity, leadership, service, and strong convictions. Candidates reflect one of the highest principles of this institution: commitment to excellence.


“The award allows recipients a rare opportunity: to focus one hundred percent of their time at Cal on their academics and university life. As an “Independent” student, I didn’t have a mother and father to ask for financial support. The Regents’ and Chancellor’s Scholarship gave me the opportunity to enter higher education and provided a support system to help me navigate the university.”

Michael P.
Regents’ and Chancellor’s Scholar, Film and Ethnic Studies major, Education minor


The scholarship provides exclusive opportunities to connect with a network of faculty, current scholars, and alumni, and to create enduring relationships that support academic success and seed future endeavors.

The program actively involves more than 200 Berkeley faculty and is unique in that faculty members interview candidates and serve as mentors. It is the largest program in the University of California system, with a community of more than 600 scholars enrolled.

Regents’ and Chancellor’s Scholarship recipients shine brightly at Berkeley. Discover a scholarship program offering a wealth of support, community, and enrichment that opens doors to a lifelong pursuit of excellence and service.

Visionary and generous donors are amplifying the opportunities and benefits of the Regents’ and Chancellor’s scholarship program by providing unique opportunities to specific students. An exciting new engagement for international students is the Robinson International Scholars Program.

You can also download Berkeley’s Luminaries: Regents’ and Chancellor’s Scholarship (PDF) for information.

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