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Work-Study Information for Prospective Employers

Work-Study in Depth

Work-Study is one way we help students cover funding needs through employment that will afford them professional skills to utilize in the future.

Prospective Employer Questions

1. What is the Work-Study Program?
Work-Study is a student aid program that encourages students to seek part-time employment while enrolled in school so they have the opportunity to earn, rather than borrow, money to help pay for educational expenses.

2. Why hire Berkeley students through the Work-Study Program?
The incentive to hire work-study students is the hourly-wage subsidy the Federal Work-Study Program provides. Under this program, a student’s wages are partially subsidized, so employers pay between a net 45 and 60 percent of eligible wages and the program subsidizes the remainder.

3. Who is eligible to become a work-study employer?
UC Berkeley departments, other UC campuses, UC Press, UC Office of the President, nonprofit and government organizations, and for-profit businesses.

4. Who is not eligible to become a work-study employer?
Private citizens and employers requiring the student to work outside the United States.

5. Are there any restrictions to the use of Work-Study funds to pay student workers?
Yes, there are some restrictions to the use of Work-Study funds. Work-Study funds cannot be used to pay students whose job:

  • Replaces a full-time employee's position, regardless of when or why that position was eliminated or otherwise became vacant, including replacing workers on strike.

  • Involves any partisan or nonpartisan political activity associated with a candidate or with a contending faction or group in an election for public or party office.

  • Involves any lobbying on the federal level.

  • Involves the construction, operation, or maintenance of so much of any facility as is used or is to be used for sectarian instruction or as a place for religious worship.

6. How do I participate?
UC Berkeley departments, other UC campuses, UC Press, and UC Office of the President do not need to submit the contract/application package, but your department needs to be registered within the Berkeley work-study system. Contact the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office for information on hiring Berkeley work-study students at: wsp@berkeley.edu.

Non-UC, off-campus employers are required to fill out and return either the for-profit contract package or the nonprofit contract package to the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office for approval and processing.

Please Note: Due to federal audits, UC Berkeley’s Financial Aid and Scholarships Office does not make exceptions to its procedures. For all approved work-study employers, the following is required to qualify for the subsidy:

Registering a Job and Hiring a Student

The employer registers the Job Request through the Employer Portal of the Work-Study Management System (WSMS). The Job Request is very important, (even if the employer has a student pre-selected for a job), because it enters the position into the Employer Portal of the Work-Study Management System (WSMS). This is a very simple process, but without a Job Request, Work-Study funds cannot be applied to the position.

Before being referred through the Employer Portal of the Work-Study Management System (WSMS) for hiring, the student must have work-study as part of their financial aid package. Students can view the details of their financial aid package on CalCentral. Please note there are no Work-Study subsidies between the last day of the spring semester and June 30th. The Work-Study award can be earned during the program year between July 1st and the last day of the spring semester, including winter and spring breaks.

When a student is hired, the employer refers the position to the student through the Work-Study Management System (WSMS)  by:

a) Selecting "Jobs" and then "Job Listings"

b) Scrolling down, finding the job in question, and selecting the 10-digit job number (far left)

c) Scrolling down, selecting "Refer student to this job," entering the Student ID (SID), and following the prompts

The student will then need to Student Portal to the Work-Study Management System (WSMS) to accept or decline the job offer. Once that's done, confirmation emails are sent.

Any wages earned by the student before you complete all four steps of the referral process are not considered Work-Study and will not receive the Work-Study subsidy.

Below are links to the contracts/applications for nonprofit or government organizations or for-profit businesses. The contract package can be printed, signed, and mailed to the address below. Please note the checklist to make sure the packet you submit is complete.

Nonprofit or Government Organization Contract Package

For-Profit Company Contract Package

In addition, complete the Vendor Form to receive the work-study subsidy.

To receive the subsidy via Direct Deposit, include this EFT Authorization form.

Please email the completed Contract Package to: wsp@berkeley.edu or mail it to:

Work-Study Program Analyst
Financial Aid and Scholarships Office
University of California, Berkeley
201 Sproul Hall MC #1960
Berkeley, CA 94720-1960