Department Awards

Understanding Departmental Awards

Department awards are given to students by academic departments, using funds managed by the department. Department awards may include funding for tuition, fees, or housing, stipends, or training grants. You may contact your department directly about the availability of these awards, as well as any application information. Each department determines student eligibility for their awards.


Any department awards you receive will be included in your financial aid award package under My Finances on CalCentral, and will be paid to your account.*

*Per federal financial aid regulations, the total of the financial aid awards you receive cannot exceed your Cost of Attendance. It is possible, therefore, that outside resources, such as department awards, could reduce other awards in your financial aid package. We may reduce your other financial aid awards, like your Direct Loans, by the amount of your outside resources to ensure that your total awards do not exceed your Cost of Attendance. In these cases, the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office attempts first to reduce loan or work aid; fellowships, grants, or scholarships are only reduced as a last resort.