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“As a Fiat Lux scholar at UC Berkeley, I have met so many amazing people and have taken classes around environmental justice and science, all of which have inspired me and led to experiences like harvesting at Gill Tract Farm, Climate Strikes, building bamboo houses in Ecuador, and so many other projects. I can really focus in on creating the education and career path I want with this support.”


Fiat Lux Scholar, Conservation and Resource Studies, Society & Environment



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Berkeley Undergraduate Scholarships

These scholarships increase access and equity, support the basic needs of students like food and shelter, and allow our students to grow as scholars, innovators, and individuals.

DREAM Act Scholarship

Supports DREAM Act undergraduate scholars.

Fiat Lux Scholarship

Provides scholarships and faculty mentoring support to high-achieving students from local high schools in the Bay Area, Central Coast area (Salinas), San Jose, Sequoia, Sacramento, and Los Angeles.

Regents’ and Chancellor’s Scholarship

The most prestigious scholarship offered by UC Berkeley to entering undergraduate students, and is the largest Regents’ and Chancellor’s Scholarship program in the UC system.

The African American Initiative

The UC Berkeley African American Initiative Scholarship at the San Francisco Foundation was created to provide financial support for African American students while addressing campus diversity. For more information, write:



“As a first-generation college student from a very low-income background, I chose to accept the UC Berkeley scholarship because I knew that nowhere else would offer me the support that this scholarship has offered me here. When I received this award, I felt immensely grateful. My mom and I teared up together as we hugged tightly because receiving this scholarship meant that I would have the opportunities that she as an immigrant never had.”


Regents’ and Chancellor’s Scholar, Film and Ethnic Studies major,
Education minor