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Work-Study Information for Off-Campus Employers

Please refer to the communication archive for important updates and program announcements for the 2020-2021 academic year.


Work-Study is a financial aid program that promotes part-time employment for undergraduate and graduate students to help finance their education. By participating in the Work-Study Program, your department can hire student workers and obtain a subsidy for a portion of the student’s wages.

Employers will pay a net cost between 45 to 60 percent of eligible wages and the program will provide the subsidy for the remainder of the wages. The range of the net cost to an off-campus employer varies, as it is dependent on the employer type and if this is a non-profit, for profit, federal, state or local public agency.

As an off-campus employer, you will have access to a large pool of applicants with diverse personal, academic and career interests to contribute to your business needs. Our students actively participate in the Work-Study Program and during the 2019-2020 academic year, more than 3,200 students benefited from the program. In addition, your participation in the program will help students gain valuable work experience to reach their academic and career goals while helping them avoid loan debt.


Benefits to the Student

You can help students avoid increasing their student loans by earning part of their college costs through Work-Study. In addition to the financial benefits, students gain valuable work experience and develop transferable skills while in school, putting them in a stronger position to pursue graduate school and/or employment opportunities when they graduate.


Benefits to the Employer

Employers can hire UC Berkeley students for half the cost with the Work-Study subsidy! As an off-campus employer, you can have access to a talented pool of job applicants that bring with them diverse personal, academic and career interests that can meaningfully contribute to meeting your business needs.


​Become an Off-Campus Employer

The first step to become an off-campus employer is to submit an application/contract to be reviewed by the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office for processing and approval.

Below are links to the contracts/applications for nonprofit or government organizations or for-profit businesses. The contract package can be printed, signed, and mailed to the address below. Please note the checklist to make sure the packet you submit is complete.

Please email the completed Contract Package to: or mail it to:

Work-Study Program Analyst

Financial Aid and Scholarships Office

University of California, Berkeley

201 Sproul Hall MC #1960

Berkeley, CA 94720-1960