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Summer Aid

Want to enroll in Summer Sessions to speed your progress toward degree completion, or to enroll in courses that are full during the academic year? Financial aid is available to eligible UC Berkeley students enrolled in Summer Sessions, including newly admitted students. Learn more about summer aid eligibility, how to apply, and what types of financial aid are available to UC Berkeley students. The Financial Aid and Scholarships Office can help make your summer learning experience a reality.

Summer Aid Awarding

Summer aid awarding differs from the academic year. The summer term is a trailer to the academic year award cycle. Your summer budget is based on your actual summer enrollment, and your summer aid awards are based on your remaining academic year Pell Grant and loan eligibility.

The amount and type of summer aid you are eligible to receive will depend on:

Your financial need

Your summer enrollment

Your remaining Pell Grant and loan eligibility

Summer Aid Eligibility Requirements

Submit a 2016-17 FAFSA or California Dream Act application by June 1, 2017; 

Enroll in a minimum of 6 units for summer; 

Be a continuing Undergraduate or Graduate student making Satisfactory Academic Progress with a complete financial aid file who was not dismissed in Fall or Spring semesters; OR

Be a newly admitted Undergraduate or Graduate student for the upcoming Fall semester and have a complete financial aid file by June 30; OR

Be a returning Undergraduate or Graduate student who has been re-admitted to the upcoming fall semester and has maintained Satisfactory Academic Progress;

Graduating seniors not on the Spring 2017 degree list;

Students who are NOT on the degree list but who have completed all degree and major requirements are ineligible for financial aid for Summer 2017; 

Do not have any registration holds.

Foreign students, non-UC Berkeley students, and Berkeley alumni not admitted to the upcoming fall semester are ineligible for summer aid.

Applying for Summer Aid

Summer financial aid packaging will begin in mid-spring 2017.

All students are required to have a completed 2016-17 FAFSA or a completed 2016-17 California Dream Act with a valid Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) and UC Berkeley's school code (001312). 

If you are an eligible continuing student enrolled in a minimum of 6 units, your summer financial aid will be available for you to view in CalCentral within 2- 3 business days of enrolling once summer financial aid packaging begins.  You can view and accept your summer aid and/or loans there, as well as view your classes, budget, awards and net cost.

Eligible newly admitted and returning students will be considered for financial aid for summer after enrollment in summer session courses. Be sure to have a complete, 2016-17 FAFSA or Cal Dream application on file, and ensure that UC Berkeley is listed as a school to receive the information. Our Federal School Code is 001312. Once enrolled and we have received your application for aid, you will be able to access your awards, or check the status of your application in CalCentral

Types of Summer Aid

Summer Grants

UC Summer Fee Grant: Undergraduate students may be eligible for a UC Summer Fee Grant. Your UC Summer Fee Grant eligibility is based on the number of units you are enrolled in and your financial need as determined by your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) from your 2016-17 FAFSA. For more information about UC Summer Fee Grants, please review  Summer Aid Frequently Asked Questions.  These grants can only apply to your course and campus fees and will not be refunded to you. NOTE: Summer Fee Grant eligibility is based on the availablity of funds at the time of awarding. If Summer Fee Grant funds are exhausted, you  may not be awarded a Fee Grant, even if you meet eligibility requirements. 

Summer Parent Grant: Undergraduate student-parents may be eligible for a summer Parent Grant. For more information, please review the Summer Aid Frequently Asked Questions.

Summer Pell Grant: You may be eligible for a summer Pell Grant if you have remaining 2016-17 Pell Grant eligibility that you did not receive in the Fall or Spring semesters.

We encourage graduate students to contact the Graduate Division or their academic department with questions about fellowships, departmental awards, fee waivers, and fee remissions.


Federal Direct Loans: If you did not accept the maximum amount of Federal Direct Loans in the 2016-17 academic year and you are enrolled in at least 6 units for summer, you may be offered Federal Direct Loans for summer.

If you are a first-time Federal Direct Loan borrower, you must complete both an online Master Promissory Note and an online Entrance Counseling session prior to disbursement.

Federal Direct PLUS Loan: PLUS Applications requesting the academic year loan period (August - May) cannot be used for summer PLUS Loans. Your parent is required to complete a new application for summer. Undergraduate students and their parents should visit the the Parent PLUS Loan web page and graduate students should visit the Grad PLUS Loan web page for more information.

Berkeley Loans: If you received a Berkeley Loan during the 2016-17 academic year and are enrolled in at least 6 units for summer, you may qualify for an additional Berkeley Loan for summer. Visit the Berkeley Loan page for more information about the loan, including repayment terms and loan requirements. 

Summer Session Loans: If you qualify for a  Middle Class Access Plan (MCAP) award or received a paid Middle Class Scholarship (MCS) AND are enrolled in at least 6 units in any single UC Berkeley Summer Session or combination of sessions, Berkeley Study Abroad program, or Education Abroad Program, you may qualify for a Summer Session Loan. Summer Session Loan will not be available for students enrolled through the Summer Intercampus program or Consortium Study Agreement Program. Visit the Summer Sessions Loan page for more information about the loan, including repayment terms and loan requirements.


Work-study awards from your 2016-17 award package cannot be earned after the Spring 2017 semester ends. If you have Work-Study as part of your 2017-18 award package, you may begin earning these funds beginning July 1, 2017.

Work-Study must be included in your 2017-18 financial aid offer and your financial aid file must be complete.

The work-study money you earn over the summer (beginning July 1, 2017) will be deducted from your 2017-18 work-study award. Keep in mind- the more you work in Summer, the less you have to use towards your 2017-18 educational expenses. 

There is no option to convert summer loans to work-study. Work-study is not available as part of your summer aid package.

For additional work-study requirements, please review the Work-Study Frequently Asked Questions

Important Things to Know About Summer Aid

You can find out about your UC Summer Fee Grant eligibility beginning in mid-spring 2017 by reading your messages in CalCentral.

You can review your summer financial aid and accept your loans in CalCentral.

Changes to your summer enrollment may result in summer aid changes.  Waitlisted classes are not included in your total enrollment or budget.

Monitor your email for communications from the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office about your summer aid.

Review the Summer Aid Frequently Asked Questions for more information about important dates, deadlines, and special summer programs.

Have Questions?

Have Questions? Want to know more about your summer aid options? Review our Summer Aid Frequently Asked Questions or submit a question to Cal Student Central online.