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Cal Grant

The Cal Grant program makes college affordable for middle- and low-income Californians.

The Cal Grant program is funded by the State of California and administered by the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC). 


When to Apply

By March 2


How to Apply

Apply in two easy steps: 

1. Complete either the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or California Dream Act Application

2. Complete a GPA Verification Form*

*For more information as to who should complete the GPA Verification Form, please visit the section on "More About the GPA Verification Process" in Berkeley's Cal Grant Frequently Asked Questions link noted below.


Eligibility Requirements

If you are a California resident, a California high school graduate or equivalent, and meet the Cal Grant eligibility requirements, you are guaranteed a Cal Grant award 

UC Berkeley administers the Entitlement and the Competitive Cal Grant A and Cal Grant B programs, as well as the additional CSAC programs

Good news! CSAC will automatically consider you for the Competitive Cal Grant program if you do not qualify for the Entitlement Cal Grant award.  For more information on all of the Cal Grant programs, refer to the Cal Grant Program Comparison Chart.


Learn More

Berkeley's Cal Grant Frequently Asked Questions 

CSAC's Cal Grant Frequently Asked Questions