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Prizes and Honors / Roselyn Schneider Eisner Prizes in Photo-Imaging

Description. The Eisner Prizes in Photo-Imaging are open to all UC Berkeley graduates and undergraduates of any major.

History of the Prize.  In 1963, Samuel Marks established an endowment of $250,000 for the advancement of the arts on the Berkeley campus, in memory of his stepdaughter, Roselyn Schneider Eisner, an artist and sculptor. The Chancellor's Advisory Committee on the Arts recommended the money be used to establish prizes in each of the Creative Arts.

Contest deadlines vary. Please check the Prizes and Honors home page for this prize's deadline.

Eisner Photo-Imaging Prize Rules

Please review the General Rules for Competitive Prizes. Additional rules for the Eisner Photo-Imaging Prize contest are listed below.

You may submit 1 to 3 black-and-white or color images. Submissions must be anonymous. On the back of the images, include a label with the last four digits of your student ID number and the total number of photographic images you're entering (e.g., "1 of 3," "2 of 3," "3 of 3").

​Only prints may be submitted; no slides or mixed media.

The minimum print size is 4" x 5" and the maximum is 16" x 20".

Images may be mounted and/or matted, but not in frames or contain glass.

Images may be produced by either "wet" (using chemical solutions) or "dry" (using a computer) methods.

Images must be submitted together in a single protective envelope or portfolio. (Please Note: Winning photos must be matted by the student prior to display in Wurster Hall.)​

Submissions may show either a body of work or 3 photos exploring 3 different themes.  Judges will look for the artistic  dimensions of the photos presented, including the creative uses of color ( tone values if you are showing black and white prints), lighting, graphic composition and framing

Previous Winners

2019-20:  No prize awarded

2018-19: Heesoo Kwon and Hana Zaky ($2000)

2017-18: Benjamin Rosenberg, Gabriella Willenz ($2000)

2016-17: No prize awarded

2015-16: Michael Drummond and Evan McCurdy ($2,000 each)

2014-15: No prize awarded

2013-14: Ali Mohammed Imani and Michael Stricherz ($2,000 each)

2012-13: Hannah Benet and Tamara Kalo ($2,000 each)

2011-12: Kari Orvik and Felipe Jose Chacon Varon ($2,000 each)

2010-11: Auden Bui and Mu-Ping Cheng ($2,000 each); Honorable Mentions: Ivan Nicholas Cisneros and Celsa Dockstader

2009-10: Michelle Arevalo-Carpenter and Aravind Unni ($2,000 each); Honorable Mention: Lila Taff

2008-09: Lila Taff and Lauren Rudser ($2,000 each); Honorable Mentions: Jonathan Gerken and Jordan Joel Pennock

2007-08: Stefan Al and Lauren Rudser ($2,000 each); Honorable Mentions: Michael Zhang and Tollef Biggs

2006-07: Michelle Tung ($2,000), Andrew Moisey ($2,000); Honorable Mentions: Cindy Park and Yilin Lu

2005-06: Jelani Mahiri ($2,000), Andrew Moisey ($2,000): Honorable Mentions: Soen Suwannukul and Camilo Salazar Prince

2004-05: Anthony Vizzari and Cindy Solis ($2,000 each); Honorable Mention: Huy Ngaou

2003-04: Anthony R. Vizzari and Aditya Dhawan ($2,000 each); Honorable Mention: Keeli Shaw

2002-03: Kasper Koczab and Marcus Hanschen ($2,000 each); Honorable Mention: Cody Williams

2001-02: Stephen Blake Farrington, Desiree Arlette Holman ($2,000 each)

2000-01: Susanna Hays and Peter Lemieux ($2,000 each); Honorable Mentions: Frances Chen and Lydia Danillen

1999-00: Paul Oprescu and Jason D. Young ($1,400 each); Honorable Mention: Bradley Weinrieb

1998-99: R. Corwin Hankins and Maria Moreno ($1,400 each); Honorable Mention: Eric Olsen

1997-98: Kari Files and Tatsuya Kawashima ($1,400 each); Honorable Mentions: Mary Jane Dean and Clarence Lin