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Adjustments to Your Offer

Changes to Your Award

Adjustments to your financial aid offer may happen throughout the year for a number of reasons. The most common reasons for budget or award revisions include:

You may have recently made a change in the online financial aid portal, such as accepting or declining loan(s), or requesting a conversion of loan eligibility to work-study.

Your budget may have been revised because of a recently submitted Cost of Attendance Adjustment Request, a change in your housing status, or a correction to your residency status. Note: Changes in your housing type may impact the types and amounts of aid you are eligible for, including University grants and/or scholarships. 

Your financial aid award may have changed from a conditional award to an official award because we may have recently completed the review of documents you were required to submit, such as a verification form.

Fee waivers, department awards, or outside agency awards were recently reported to our system, triggering a revision to your offer. 

Understanding the Changes

You will receive an email notification if your financial aid awards change. The email will point you to Cal Central to review your revised award.

Remember . . .

We recommend that you save an electronic or printed copy of the your financial aid page any time there is a change. Keeping a record of the awards you received may help you for future reference. For example, many master's and doctoral programs require undergraduate financial aid information as part of the graduate financial aid application process.

Disclosure: UC Berkeley reserves the right to adjust awards to correct any awarding errors. Changes to qualifying information or revisions of federal, state or institutional policy may result in updates to aid eligibility and adjustments of financial aid awards. Information is subject to change.