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Verification Process

We'll Get You Verified

We want to ensure that your financial aid awards are as accurate as possible. Please read the sections below for helpful information about the verification process.

Verification is a process required by the Department of Education and the California Student Aid Commission that is intended to improve the accuracy of the information provided on the aid application. We cannot disburse federal or state aid until verification is complete. 

IMPORTANT:  The June 30th priority deadline for fall 2020 verification document submission has passed. Students who have not yet started their verification are at risk of not having their financial aid available at the start of the term. Please submit your verification documents as soon as possible, as processing time increases as we approach the start of classes. If you need immediate assistance, contact Cal Student Central.

Priority Deadlines for 2020-2021

June 30, 2020: Students attending Berkeley starting in fall 2020 have until June 30th to complete their verification requirements to ensure funding by the start of the fall term.

December 1, 2020: Students attending Berkeley starting in spring 2021 have until December 1st to complete their verification requirements to ensure funding by the start of the spring term.


Completing Verification

If you have been selected for verification, we will notify you through CalCentral that there are items you need to review. Verification and other requirements are completed through the Berkeley Financial Aid Forms website. Newly admitted students, you will be able to access this website and proceed with the verification process after you accept your offer of admission and create a CalNet ID.

  • Note- if you have not registered with the Berkeley Financial Aid Forms website, you will need to do that first. This is a one time process that matches up your personal information with the aid application we have on file for you. Review the instructions on how to get started in the Berkeley Financial Aid Forms website. 

  • When you have successfully logged into the Berkeley Financial Aid Forms website, you will be taken to a task list- select anywhere on the task to expand and get additional information about what is needed. 

  • Some tasks you will be able to satisfy completely online, while others will require you to download, complete, and upload back to the task. 

  • To e-sign an online form, you will need to create a pin that you will use to sign all your online forms on the Berkeley Financial Aid Forms website. You can also opt out of e-signing your documents- it is up to you! 

  • Dependent students may have forms that require a parent signature. After you (the student) have e-signed a document, you will have the option to request a parent signature. 

  • You will need to: 

    • Select the parent you would like to sign the document 

    • Enter the the parent's email address

    • Confirm their email 

    • Select the Send Request button 

    • Detailed registration and e-sign instructions for parents can be found HERE

  • Upload any documents needed to complete your tasks

  • Once all documents are completed and all additional information uploaded, you can submit your verification for review.



If the Data on My FAFSA or California Dream Application is Accurate, Will My Financial Aid Package Change?

Yes, there is a chance it may. In addition to verifying certain tax information on the federal tax return, Berkeley employs an in-depth analysis when awarding our own institutional grant funds. There are items reported on the tax return that we take into consideration which the federal government may not. In turn, this may change the financial aid you were originally offered.

How Will I Know if I Have Been Selected for Verification?

You will be notified during the aid application filing process if you have been selected for federal verification via your Student Aid Report. We will also notify you by placing tasks and instructions in your CalCentral account.   

To see if you have been selected for verification, go to the My Finances section of CalCentral.  Click on the "Details" link in the Financial Aid and Scholarships section of the page. Review your Messages and Tasks for information about your verification status. If selected, you will be provided a link to the Berkeley Financial Aid Forms website where you can see what is being requested from you. 

What are the Verification Requirements? 

If you have been selected for verification, you will see your requirements listed as tasks in your CalCentral account.  Typically, we require that you do the following: 

Complete, sign, and upload any documents listed on the Berkeley Financial Aid Forms website. 

Obtain a copy of your and your parents' (if dependent) 2018 Federal Tax Return. If the tax return is not requested on the Berkeley Financial Aid Forms website, you do not have to upload it.

If you or your parents (if dependent) did not and are not required to to file a 2018 federal tax return, then we need you (or your parents) to submit IRS documents that clearly indicate that the IRS does not have a tax return record on file for 2018. This may include a Tax Return Transcript or a Tax Account Transcript that includes a message such as "no record of return filed" or "no transcript on file," or certification from the IRS of non-filing status for 2018.

What if I am a California Dream Act Student?

For AB 540 students, the process is similar, but instead of submitting a FAFSA, you will submit the California Dream Act Application. The California Student Aid Commission also requires us to verify that the information used to complete the application is accurate by collecting supporting documentation from a percentage of students.