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Regents' and Chancellor's Scholarship

Invest in Your Future

The Regents’ and Chancellor’s Scholarship is the most prestigious scholarship offered by UC Berkeley to entering undergraduate students.

The scholarship is extended to a select cohort of Berkeley undergraduates who stand out for their creativity, leadership, service, and strong convictions. Candidates reflect one of the highest principles of this institution: commitment to excellence.


“The award allows recipients a rare opportunity: to focus one hundred percent of their time at Cal on their academics and university life. As an “Independent” student, I didn’t have a mother and father to ask for financial support. The Regents’ and Chancellor’s Scholarship gave me the opportunity to enter higher education and provided a support system to help me navigate the university.”

Michael P.
Regents’ and Chancellor’s Scholar, Film and Ethnic Studies major,
Education minor


The scholarship provides exclusive opportunities to connect with a network of faculty, current scholars, and alumni, and to create enduring relationships that support academic success and seed future endeavors.

The program actively involves more than 200 Berkeley faculty and is unique in that faculty members consider candidates and also mentor awarded scholars. Welcoming about 200 new scholars each year, it is the largest program in the University of California system, with a community of more than 800 scholars enrolled.

Regents’ and Chancellor’s Scholarship recipients shine brightly at Berkeley. Discover a scholarship program offering a wealth of support, community, and enrichment that opens doors to a lifelong pursuit of excellence and service.

Regents' and Chancellor's Scholars at Berkeley

While at Berkeley, recent scholars have served in such notable positions as Student Regent on the University of California Board of Regents, ASUC President, and Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Californian. Scholars have been chosen as University Medalist and have earned such prestigious awards as the Rhodes, Truman, and Marshall Scholarships. Many have gone on to become faculty at prestigious universities, CEOs of global corporations, and innovators and leaders in their chosen fields.


Berkeley welcomes around 200 new Regents' and Chancellor's Scholars each year, and is the largest Regents' and Chancellor's Scholarship program in the UC system.

​Regents' and Chancellor's Scholarship Benefits 

Priority Class Enrollment: Regents' and Chancellor's Scholars are among a very select group of students who receive priority enrollment for classes.

Faculty Mentor: Scholars have access to UC Berkeley faculty mentors to provide guidance on academic and professional endeavors. 

Research Fellowship: The Regents' and Chancellor's Research Fellowship provides scholars an opportunity to apply for funding of up to $1,000 in support of current research projects.

Guaranteed Housing: Scholars receive guaranteed placement in on-campus housing for the duration of their scholarship tenure. 

Regents' and Chancellor's Scholars Association: All scholars are automatic members of the Regents’ and Chancellor’s Scholars Association (RCSA). The student organization sponsors academic and professional development activities as well as social events and community service projects throughout the academic year, including TEDx Berkeley

Financial Aid Advising: Scholars have a dedicated scholarship coordinator in the Undergraduate Scholarships, Honors, and Prizes Office to assist with questions about the scholarship and financial aid.

Financial Literacy Counseling: Bears for Financial Success (BFFS), UC Berkeley's peer-to-peer financial literacy program, offers special workshops and counseling to help scholars learn to manage money and expenses.

Monetary Award and Scholarship Tenure: The Regents' and Chancellor's Scholarship includes a monetary award that is renewable annually for up to a maximum of eight semesters for incoming freshmen and a maximum of four semesters for incoming transfer students. Scholars without financial need receive a $2,500 honorary award per year. Scholars with financial need are awarded a scholarship up to their full need as assessed by the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office.

Alumni Network: Upon graduating, scholars become part of a vibrant and world-changing group of Berkeley alumni.

Selection Process

Candidates are selected from the top applicants to UC Berkeley though a holistic review process determined by the Academic Senate Committee on Undergraduate Scholarships, Honors, and Financial Aid. 

Faculty interviews and scholarship consideration for freshman candidates takes place in early March.

Notifications of scholarship awarding decisions are sent to freshman candidates at the end of March. 

Advanced standing (transfer) candidates are considered for the award in early May via admissions file review by the Committee on Undergraduate Scholarships, Honors, and Financial Aid.

Frequently Asked Questions: Prospective Regents' and Chancellor's Scholars

1. Do I need to submit an application to be considered for the Regents' and Chancellor's Scholarship?

All students who apply to UC Berkeley are automatically considered for the scholarship. This includes California resident, out-of-state, and international students entering from high school as well as transfer students. If you are not selected as a candidate, there are many other university scholarships for which you will be considered. Remember to apply for financial aid by filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). If you are eligible for any university scholarships, the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office will notify you in April.

2. When and how will I be notified about receiving the scholarship?

Scholarship award notifications are sent to students the day the Office of Undergraduate Admissions releases acceptance announcements at the end of March. You will also see your scholarship award under My Finances on CalCentral. Transfer students are notified of scholarship awarding in mid-May. If you do not see a message in the student applicant portal, it is likely you were not awarded the scholarship.

3. How do I accept the scholarship?

To accept your Regents' and Chancellor's Scholarship, submit the Statement of Intention to Register (SIR) by May 1st (entering freshmen) or June 1st (entering transfer students) and sign and upload your Scholarship Contract on CalCentral. Before signing your Scholarship Contract be sure to review the scholarship terms and conditions which were made available to you as a link on your award notification letter.

4. Will there be an adjustment to my Regents' and Chancellor's Scholarship if I receive any outside scholarships?

If you are receiving the honorary Regents' and Chancellor's Scholarship of $2,500, there will be no adjustment to your scholarship amount. If you are receiving a need-based Regents' and Chancellor's Scholarship, outside agency scholarships are applied toward your gross financial need and may require the campus to reduce the amount of your Regents' and Chancellor's Scholarship.

5. When do I begin receiving the priority enrollment benefit?

New Regents' and Chancellor's Scholars will receive priority enrollment through My Academics on CalCentral beginning their second semester at UC Berkeley.

Frequently Asked Questions: Current Regents' and Chancellor's Scholars

1. Will there be an adjustment to my Regents' and Chancellor's Scholarship if I receive any outside scholarships?

If you are receiving the honorary Regents' and Chancellor's Scholarship of $2,500, there will be no adjustment to your scholarship amount. If you are receiving a need-based Regents' and Chancellor's Scholarship, outside agency awards are applied toward your gross financial need and may require the campus to reduce the amount of your Regents' and Chancellor's Scholarship.

2. Does the housing guarantee benefit mean I get my first choice of accommodation?

The Regents' and Chancellor's housing benefit does not guarantee that you will receive your top choice(s) in housing preference. It does guarantee that you will receive placement in a University Residence provided you submit the housing application by the posted deadline. The Housing Office does its best to accommodate students' housing preferences, but this depends on the availability of space as well as other factors in their process. Please note that if you submit the housing application after the deadline, we can no longer guarantee that you will receive a housing offer. 

3. Will I lose my Regents' and Chancellor's Scholarship if I need to take time away from school?

Regents' and Chancellor's Scholars are eligible to take up to two semesters of leave from the scholarship. Scholars must attend one semester at UC Berkeley before requesting a leave of absence. Scholars cannot request a leave of absence for any semester in which they have already received the scholarship. If you're planning on taking a leave of absence, please contact the Regents' and Chancellor's Scholarship Coordinator. 


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