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Prizes / General Rules

Please type your submission. We do not allow handwritten submissions. Entries must be submitted by email to Prizes@berkeley.edu. 

Using all separate attachments: Send your entry, a copy of your Berkeley ID and the prize entry form to Prizes@berkeley.edu

Your submission needs to be anonymous. On the front of your manuscript, in the upper-right-hand corner, please include:

  • Name of the contest

  • The last four digits of your student identification number (SID), found on your UC Berkeley ID card (NOTE: Include the last four digits of SID on every page of the submission)

  • The total number of pages you are submitting

Please download and complete the UC Berkeley Prize and Honors: Prize Entry Form. 

To be eligible, you need to be enrolled full-time in a degree-granting program for at least one regular semester of the academic year (not including Summer Sessions). Filing for a degree does not constitute enrollment for that academic year. Visiting students are not eligible to apply for prizes.

Submitting your work to a University prize contest in no way limits your subsequent sale and publication of the work. However, work that you have previously published, with the exception of work that has appeared solely in campus publications, is not eligible.

Winning submissions will be filed in the University Archives, Bancroft Library.

Any prize may be withheld if, in the opinion of the judges, no entrant or submission merits the award.

You may enter more than one contest, but may not submit the same manuscript or portions of the same manuscript to more than one contest. If you submit the same manuscript or portions of the same manuscript to more than one contest, those entries will be disqualified.

Entries to the writing contests, with the exception of the Roselyn Schneider Eisner Prizes in Poetry and Prose, may not include work that has previously won prizes in these or other campus contests.

You may make only one entry to each contest.

In the event that two or more contributions of approximately the same merit are submitted for any prize, the Committee on Prizes reserves the right to apportion the award.

Any specific requirement expressed in connection with any of the prizes prevails over the general rules.

Please Note: Federal financial aid regulations require that all awards received by a student cannot exceed their financial aid need as determined by a congressional formula. It is possible, therefore, that the cash award or value of a prize could reduce some "Need Based" component of a student's package of financial aid awards. In these cases, the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office attempts first to reduce loan or work aid; fellowships, grants, or scholarships are only reduced as a last resort.