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Prizes and Honors / Roselyn Schneider Eisner Prizes in Film and Video

Description. The Eisner Prizes in Film and Video contest is open to both graduates and undergraduates in any department. One to three films may be submitted, but the judges will only view up to 30 minutes of film for each applicant.

History of the Prize. In l963, Samuel Marks established an endowment of $250,000 for the advancement of the arts on the UC Berkeley campus, in memory of his stepdaughter, Roselyn Schneider Eisner, an artist and sculptor. The Chancellor's Advisory Committee on the Arts recommended the money be used to establish prizes in each of the Creative Arts. The Eisner Prizes in Film and Video was established in 1963.

Contest deadlines vary. Please check the Prizes and Honors home page for this prize's deadline.

Eisner Film and Video Prize Rules

Please review the General Rules for Competitive Prizes. The Eisner Film and Video Prize contest also has additional rules listed below.

Students can submit films as a Quicktime file on a flash/thumb drive or via a working URL on either Youtube or Vimeo.

The applicant must make sure the URL is open and working, and that the thumb drive is both PC and MAC compatible

You may submit 1 - 3 entries but are encouraged to submit only your best work. All film submissions must be in finished form, ready for public exhibition.  Unfinished works or work-in-progress will not be considered. At least one submission must have been made during the period of your enrollment as a student on the Berkeley campus. Judges will not view more than 30 minutes of film or video. All submissions must be of the entire film, excerpts will not be accepted for consideration.

To be eligible, you need to be enrolled full-time in a degree-granting program for at least one regular semester of the academic year (not including Summer Sessions). Filing for a degree does not constitute enrollment for that academic year. Visiting students are not eligible to apply for prizes. A previous winner of this contest may not enter the following year.

Film or video submissions must be labeled with the last four digits of the entrant's student ID (SID) number, the film's title, running time and the original format of the entry (16mm, VHS, URL, thumb drive file. etc.). Also, a brief (one paragraph, typewritten) film description should accompany the submission. The maker's name must not appear on the entry or on the film credits.

The Prizes Office, 210 Sproul Hall, will hold film and video entries for pickup until mid-May.

Previous Winners

2018-19: Xandra Ibarra and Maiko Skinner ($2000 each); Honorable Mentions: Lena Gavenas, Elizabeth Levinson, Regina Madanguit, Janan Mostajabi, Sara Boutorabi, Emerson Lin, Same Chew, Perrin Cao, Miles Large, Regina Pigsley, Gabriella Willenz, Edward Diven,Sepehr Rafiei

2017-18: Olivia Ting and Lingyu Wang($2,000 each); Honorable Mentions: Yaxuan Chen, Bishal Dutta, Sanaz Khosravi, Sidney Likwong, Rae Maxwell-Ross, Shrey Mendiratta, Jonah Moshammer, Gabriella Willenz

2016-17: Irene Chen and Aileen Candelario ($2,000 each); Honorable Mentions: Sarah-Dawn Albani,Saranbyamba Batdorj, Gabriel Cazares, Johan Moshammer, Simona Schneider, Sophia Sobko, Irene Rihuete

2015-16: Jodie Howard and Reaa Puri ($ 2,000 each); Honorable Mentions: Behnaz Khaleghi, Zeferino Rincon, Walter Zarnowitz, Sophia Sobko, Moira Laband, Casey Currey-Wilson, Summer Mason, Irene Chen, Jose Figueroa, Lloyd Park, Shari Paladino, Tara Baghdassarian, Lingyu Wang, Chuck Chan, Baharak Khaleghti, Shirin Towfiq

2014-15: Kelly D. Norris and Clement Hil Goldberg ($2,000 each); Honorable Mentions: Andrew Balcof, Jensen Young, Dakota Rose, Tara Baghdassarian, Andre-Christopher, Jingyi Zhu, Yan Shi, Grecia Dedios,Emily Gibson, Reaa Puri, David Mai

2013-14: Laszlo Bolender and John Scott ($2,000 each); Honorable Mentions: Christina Dasha Burns, Vincent Drew, Leslie Dreyer, Jessica Hankey, Kelly Lin, David Mai, Joe Nankin, Nina Potepan, Andrew Roesch-Knapp

2012-13: Erin Johnson and Oliver Li ($2,000 each); Honorable Mentions: Jeff Capps, Anna X. Davies, Jason Fritz M.G., Matthew Grobar, Jenna Marie Kerns, Sahar Khoury, Ee Weng Kok, Trevor Kwong, Matthew Philip Neal, Matias, Ruhweza, Matthew Sarnecki, Mark Walberg

2011-12: Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck and Rebecca Ramage ($2,000 each); Honorable Mentions: Nathaniel Klein, Kyan Krumdieck, Nancy Ledesma, Myles Moscato, Kari Orvik, Aayushman Indra Pandey, Max Tarcher

2010-11: Jonathan T. Wang and Katelyn Stiles ($2,000 each); Honorable Mentions: Auden Bui, Quinn Fujii, Filbert Hansel, Zi Huang, Nathaniel Klein, Nagisa Kodama, Nancy Ledesma, Delan Tai, Chris E. Vargas

2009-10: Curtis Tamm and aZin seraj ($2,000 each); Honorable Mentions: Nagisa Kodama, Pierre Camarena, Asali Echols, Chris E. Vargas, Merav Tzur, Galen Jackson, Ella Andersson, Taro Masushio

2008-09: Navid Sinaki and Robert Rippberger ($2,000 each); Honorable Mentions: Connie Chung, Lydia Katherine Greer, Farley Gwazda, Gabriel Leigh, Kate Maeder, Claudia Salamanca, Wenhua Shi, Molly Snyder-Fink, Curtis James Tamm, Dan Williams

2007-08: Brian George and Jason Blalock ($2,000 each); Honorable Mentions: Matt Losada, Noelle Cole and Anna Zaniewski, Sonja Bertucci, Joe Garrity and Miranda Peters-Lazaro, Stefan Al, Dan Williams, Jay Patumanoan

2006-07: Sophie Cooper and Wenhua Shu ($2,000 each)

2005-06: Eric F. Martin and Ian Cheng ($2,000 each)

2004-05: Richard Parkin and Camilo Salazar ($2,000)

2003-04: Esther N.S. Galbraith and Michelle Dizon ($2,000 each)

2002-03: Davd Green, Ian Kibbey and Jeff Lowe

2001-02: Desiree Arlette Holman and Gabriel Yoshi Peters-Lazaro ($2,000 each)

2000-01: Daniel Carrera and Brett Simon ($2,000 each)

1999-00: 24 entries; Corey Creasey and Laurie Thomas ($1,400 each)

1998-99: 33 entries; Jason Byers and Eric Lin ($1,400 each)

1997-98: 25 entries; Steven Macdonald and Jessica Erin Vargas ($1,400 each)