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Prizes and Honors / Emily Chamberlain Cook Prize in Poetry

Description. The Emily Chamberlain Cook Prizes in Poetry are awarded for the most outstanding unpublished single poem of no more than 45 lines. Both graduate and undergraduate students are free to write at any length, in any meter, and upon any subject. Up to four winners may be chosen at the judge's discretion.

History of the Prize. Yale University Professor Albert S. Cook, formerly on the UC Berkeley faculty, endowed this prize with $1,000. As noted in the August 10, 1909, minutes of the Regents of the University of California, Professor Cook specified that "it is highly desirable" that the prize be awarded "for a poem which reflects honor upon the University, when viewed in the light of the best precedents furnished by England and this country." Professor Cook further specified that "the University shall be free at any time to reprint the poem as it may choose."

Please review the General Rules for Competitive Prizes. 

Contest deadlines vary. Please check the Prizes and Honors home page for this prize's deadline.

Previous Winners

2019-20: Jennifer Tamayo, Max Kaisler, Lashon A. Daley and Noah Warren ($600) 

2018-19: Mary Mussman, Mary Wilson, and Dylan Furcall ($800 each)

2017-18: Daniel Benjamin, Anthony Tucci-Berube ($1100)

2016-17: Mary Wilson and Mary Mussman ($1100 each)

2015-16: 1st prize: Rachel Trocchino ($1,400); 2nd prize: Nathaniel Dolton-Thornton ($700)

2014-15: 1st prize: Andy Nguy ($1,000); 2nd prize: Yaul Perez-Stable Husni ($600); 3rd prize: Alani Hicks Bartlett ($500)

2013-14: 1st prize: Jennifer Lorden, Clint Anderson, Lisa Levin, Michael Shaw ($500 each)

2012-13: 1st prize: Evan Klavon ($1,000); 2nd prize: Rachel Trocchio ($500); Honorable Mention: Andrew David King and Allison Yates ($250 each)

2011-12: Darius Carrick, Andrew David King, Pamela Glazier, and Vanessa Ing ($350 each)

2010-11: Laura Ferris, Kathryn Hindenlang, Tara Phillips, and Patricia Yen ($525 each)

2009-10: Joe Cadora, Ashley Lystne, Eamon O'Connor, and Gillian Osborne ($550 each)

2008-09: Natasha Arora, Pamela Krayenbuhl, Steven Lance, and Craig Perez ($500 each)

2007-08: Meredith Higgins and Clifford Mak ($150)

2006-07: Hillary Gravendyk, Jeremy Graves, Marisa Libbon, and Yosefa Raz ($300 each)

2005-06: Olivia Friedman ($300)

2004-05: Edgar Garcia, Dorian Gesler, and Shanyin Chang ($300 each)

2003-04: Ellen Samuels , Laura Wetherington, Christine Harrison, and Jessica Zychowicz ($300 each)

2002-03: Kimberly Johnson ($300)

2001-02: Sandra Lim, Marisa Libbon, Yasmin Golan, & Lynley Lys ($300 each)

2000-01: Emily Beall ($600), David Ruderman ($400), Jasmine Bina ($200)

1999-00: Julie Anderson, Ben Chaika, Elizabeth Hillman, and Kimberly Johnson ($300 each)

1998-99: 1st prize: Kimberly Johnson ($500); 2nd prize: Gibson Fay-LeBlanc ($500)

1997-98: 1st prize: Nadia Nurhussein ($300); runners-up: Emily Abendroth, Robyn Brooks, Delphine Hwang, and Padraig Riley ($150 each)