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Parent Contribution Appeal

We Can Help You Adjust

Financial circumstances change, and those changes may affect your family's ability to contribute to your education. We are here to help. 

NEWLY ADMITTED STUDENTS, you will be able to access the website that allows you to submit an appeal after you accept your offer of admission and create a CalNet ID. If you need immediate assistance, contact Cal Student Central.


Appeals for the 2020-21 school year will be available through the Berkeley Financial Aid Forms website from May 1, 2020- February 5, 2021.

If your parents' current income is substantially less than what you reported on the FAFSA or California Dream Act Application, or their income is substantially reduced by expenses due to certain extenuating circumstances, you can consider requesting a Parent Contribution Appeal. We will review your appeal and make adjustments, as appropriate, based on their current financial situation.


​​What we will generally consider:

Loss or reduction of income, including but not limited to loss of employment, reduction of pay, death of a parent or spouse, and reduction/loss of child support

Divorce or separation

One time only income distributions

High out of pocket medical and/or dental expenses, K-12 private school tuition, or tax liens

Costs associated with a natural disaster

​​What we do not consider:

Changes to assets or inability to liquidate assets

Loss of overtime or bonus

Bankruptcy, foreclosures or collection costs associated with outstanding debt

Consumer debt (credit cards, car payments, loans, etc.)

Lottery or gambling winnings or losses

One-time income used for non-life essential items (e.g.. family vacation)

Parents (step parents or biological parents) who do not wish to provide support

Marital separation where the parents are still living together


You can use the Cal-Culator to estimate how a change in your family's income will impact your aid eligiblity by following THESE INSTRUCTIONS. 

How to Request an Income Appeal

  • Go to the Berkeley Financial Aid Forms website​​

    • Note- if you have not registered with the Berkeley Financial Aid Forms website, you will need to do that first. This is a one time process that matches up your personal information with the aid application we have on file for you. View the instructions on how to get started in the Berkeley Financial Aid Forms website. 

  • After you have logged into the Berkeley Financial Aid Forms website, click on the + Request button at the top of the page.

  • Choose the Family Contribution Appeal – to add the form to your file, click on the + button.

  • Provide a brief explanation as to why you are requesting the appeal. You will have an opportunity to go into more detail later.

  • Once you have completed the web-form, you will be asked to upload documentation that supports the appeal.

  • When everything is in order, click the Submit button to submit your appeal.

Documentation that we will need depending on your circumstance

Special Circumstance Impact Required Documentation
Reduction or Loss of Employment or Benefits Your parent(s) income for 2019 or 2020 will be less than what was earned in 2018 Copy of a termination letter of employment or other benefits, including verification of severance pay or other retirement benefits. Copy of year-to-date earnings (last paycheck stub or 2019 W-2), unemployment benefits, disability benefits. A signed copy of the 2018 federal tax return and W-2 wage statements.  After July 15, 2020 a signed copy of the 2019 federal tax return and W-2 wage statements may be requested during the review
Reduction or Loss of Untaxed Income Child Support, untaxed portions of IRA or pension distributions (rollover), or other untaxed income. Copy of divorce/separation agreement, verification of a rollover (1099-R), or other documentation indicating the start and end date of benefits.
Change in Marital Status after the aid application was completed Your parents were married; separated; divorced; or widowed. Separation agreement, divorce decree, or death certificate.
One Time Payment Received You or your parent(s) received a one-time lump sum payment in 2018. Signed copies of the 2018 and 2019 federal tax return, 2018 and 2019 W-2 wage statements, documentation detailing one-time payment amount and source.
Unusual/Necessary Expenses If you or your parents will incur medical/dental expenses , paid private school tuition for dependents, or had tax liens in 2019. Statement from the insurance provider stipulating amount of medical expenses not covered by insurance; private school tuition statement detailing out cost and any financial aid received; and a statement from the IRS and/or State Franchise Tax Board indicating monthly payment amount on back taxes.