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Thanks for Giving

As we take this time to reflect on what we are grateful for, I want to thank you for investing in our students. Thanks for giving.

—Harry Le Grande, former Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Berkeley Scholars (top to bottom): Matthew Turner, Regents’ and Chancellor's Scholar; Jorge Vargas, Huhn Scholar; Andrea Mejia Valencia, Fia Lux Scholar; Natassija Jordan, Fiat Lux Scholar; Alejandro Nuñez, Fiat Lux Scholar.

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One Student's Journey

"Just six years ago, I moved from El Salvador to San Francisco and began my freshman year of high school at Phillip and Sala Burton Academic High School. I didn't speak much English, but I knew that I would have to learn it quickly if I wanted to go to college. Learning a new language and adapting to a completely new culture was very difficult for me, but I knew that if I worked hard, I could do it.
My hard work paid off when I received my acceptance letter to UC Berkeley along with the Fiat Lux Scholarship. Attending UC Berkeley as a first-generation college student has been a life-changing experience, and it brings much pride to my mother, to my family, and to myself. An opportunity like this does not come often and I feel amazingly blessed and grateful to have received it.
The Fiat Lux Scholarship has given me access to a Berkeley education without the financial pressures that many students have. I have also found a place of belonging through the Fiat Lux Scholars Association, where I am surrounded by fellow scholars who are a great support system to me."

—Andrea Mejia Valencia, Fiat Lux Scholar, Psychology Major, Class of 2015

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