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budget appeal

Parent Grant

The UC Berkeley Financial Aid and Scholarships Office offers the Parent Grant to support undergraduate student parents with dependent children under the age of 18. The Parent Grant will automatically be awarded in your financial aid package based on the information provided on your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or California Dream Act Application. Award amounts are based on financial need and availability of funds each year.  Parent Grants are disbursed in equal monthly amounts during the fall and spring terms; summer awards are disbursed all at once.

Cost of Attendance Adjustment

Your financial aid eligibility is based on a standard budget. We may be able to increase your budget—and your financial aid eligibility—if you have allowable expenses that you are incurring during the academic year that are higher than your standard financial aid budget, called a Cost of Attendance (COA) Adjustment. Please note that there is no COA Adjustment process for the summer term.

Expenses that may be considered for COA Adjustment include:

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