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Prizes and Honors / Thomas G. Rosenmeyer Greek Translation Prize

Description. The Thomas G. Rosenmeyer Greek Translation Prize is awarded to a graduate or undergraduate for the best translation of classical English into an appropriate classical Greek style. Appropriate styles include those of Plato and of the classical Attic orators, but other styles appropriate to the content are not excluded, such as the style of Herodotus, or even verse composition. The selection will normally be formal English prose and will be 350 to 500 words in length. 

History. The Rosenmeyer Prize was established in 1995.

Please review the General Rules for Competitive Prizes

Contest deadlines vary. Please check the Prizes and Honors home page for this prize's deadline.

Thomas G. Rosenmeyer Greek Translation Prize Passage 2017-18

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Previous Winners

2017-18: Daniel Squire ($1,000)

2016-17: Daniel Squire ($1,400)

2015-16: Michael Zellmann-Rohrer ($1,000)

2014-15: 1st prize: Tom Recht ($750); 2nd prize: Michael Zellman-Rohrer ($250)

2013-14: Tom Recht and Michael Zellmann-Rohrer ($500 each)

2012-13: Tom Recht and Michael Zellmann-Rohrer ($500 each)

2011-12: Tom Recht ($700); Michael Zellmann-Rohrer ($300)

2010-11: Tom Recht and Michael Zellmann-Rohrer ($500 each)

2009-10: Tom Recht ($1,000)

2008-09: Boris Rodin ($750); Honorable Mention: Joel Street ($250)

2007-08: Nardini Pandey ($500)

2006-07: Boris Rodin Maslov ($500)

2005-06: Boris Rodin Maslov ($500)

2004-05: Boris Rodin ($500)

2003-04: William Michael Short ($500)

2002-03: Jon Christopher Geissmann ($500)

2001-02: W. H. Shearin ($500)

2000-01: Dylan Sailor ($500)

1999-00: Dylan Sailor ($500)

1998-99: Dylan Sailor ($500)

1997-98: Dylan Sailor ($500)