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Prizes and Honors / Roselyn Schneider Eisner Prizes in Poetry and Prose

Description. The Eisner Prizes in Poetry and Prose contests are open to all UC Berkeley graduates and undergraduates in any department. Prose submissions may include novels, plays, or a collection of short stories. Prose submissions should be a substantial body of work with a representative 20-30 pages earmarked. Poetry submissions should be a collection of poems with a minimum of 25 pages to a maximum of 40 pages. Entries must be paginated, stapled and include a table of contents and a title page. This contest may contain submissions that have won in other contests in previous years. However, entries to these contests must consist of a majority of new work not having previously won in any campus contest or simultaneously submitted elsewhere. 

History of the Prize. In l963, Samuel Marks established an endowment of $250,000 for the advancement of the arts on the Berkeley campus, in memory of his stepdaughter, Roselyn Schneider Eisner, an artist and sculptor. The Chancellor's Advisory Committee on the Arts recommended the money be used to establish prizes in each of the Creative Arts.

Please review the General Rules for Competitive Prizes.

Contest deadlines vary. Please check the Prizes and Honors home page for this prize's deadline.

Previous Winners

2019-20: Poetry: Christian Nagler ($5000)

Prose: Elodie Townsend, Sabrina Jaszi ($2,500 each)

2018-19: Poetry: Dylan Cox and Mary Wilson ($5000 each)

Prose: No Prizes Awarded

2017-18: Poetry: Shonushka Sawant ($3000), Daniel Benjamin ($2000)

Prose: Clair Marie Stancek, Zackary Kiebach ($2,500 each)

2016-17: Poetry: 1st prize: Sahvanna Mazon ($3,000); 2nd prize: Shonushka Sawant ($2,000)
Prose: Zackary Kiebach ($2,000)

2015-16: Poetry: 1st prize: David A. Hernandez ($3,000); 2nd prize: Nathaniel Dolton-Thornton ($2,000)
Prose: Emma Rosenbaum ($2,000)

2014-15: Poetry: Christopher Patrick Miller and Claire Marie Stancek ($2,500 each)
Prose: Andrew David King and Natasha Von Kaenel ($2,500 each)

2013-14: Poetry: Kristopher Kersey, Julia Tianjiao Wang, and David Vandeloo ($2,000 each); 
Prose: Andrew David King ($4,000)

2012-13: Poetry: Rebecca Gaydos, Andrew David King, and Ryan Tucker ($2,000 each); 
Prose: Kelly Clancy and Rosetta Young ($2,000 each)

2011-12: Poetry: Christopher P. Miller and Yosefa Raz ($3,000 each); 
Prose: Brian J. Loo and Leila Mansouri ($2,000 each)

2010-11: Poetry: Rachel Beck, Jane Gregory, S Christopher Miller, and Swati Rana ($2,500 each); 
Prose: No award given

2009-10: Poetry: Steven Lance, Gillian Osborne, and Lynn Xu ($2,000 each);
Prose: Nina Estreich and Danica Li ($2,000 each)

2008-09: Poetry: Gillian Osborne and Lijia Xie ($3,000 each);
Prose: 11 entries; Joe Cadora ($4,000)

2007-08: Poetry: Hillary Gravendyk and Chad Vogler ($5,000 each);
Prose: 4 entries; No award given

2006-07: Poetry: Elizabeth Marie Young and Margaret Ronda ($2,500 each);
Prose: Melissa Fall ($5,000)

2005-06: Poetry: Hilary Gravendyk Burrill ($6,000);
Prose: Elaine Castillo and Mark Massoud ($2,000 each)

2004-05: Poetry: Margaret Ronda and Tung-Hui Hu ($2,500 each);
Prose: 1st prize: Neil Colin Satterlund ($3,000); 2nd prize: Katherine Ann Willett ($2,000); Honorable Mention: Dorothy Couchman

2003-04: Poetry: 1st prize: Jennifer Scappetone ($3,000); 2nd prize: Lynn Ziyu Xu ($2,000);
Prose: 1st prize: Elaine Castillo ($2,500); 2nd prize: Ellen Samuels ($2,500)

2002-03: Poetry: Timothy Wood, Julie Carr, and Warren Liu ($2,000 each);
Prose: Elaine Castillo and Frank B. Wildersn III ($2,000 each)

2001-02: Poetry: Jessica Fisher ($3,000) and Anne Walker ($2,000);
Prose: Yekaterina Kosova ($3,000) and Lucia Facone ($2,000)

2000-01: Poetry: 1st prize: Brian Glaser ($3,000); 2nd prize: Jennifer Scappettone ($2,000); Honorable Mention: Ellen Samuels; 
Prose: 1st prize: Ann Simon ($3,000); 2nd prize: Yuval Sharon ($2,000); Honorable Mention: Jose Alaniz

1999-00: Poetry: Jessica Fisher, Nadia Nurhussein, and Anne F. Walker ($1,400 each);
Prose: Jose Alaniz and Karen A. Lee ($1,400 each)

1998-99: Poetry: Kim Johnson and Roxana Popescu ($2,333 each);
Prose: Damion Searls ($2,333)

1997-98: Poetry: Ola Metwally, Mathew Struthers, and Karen An-Hwei Lee ($2,333 each);
Prose: Chris Minter ($2,333)