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Prizes and Honors / Julia Keith Shrout Short Story Prize

Description. The Shrout Short Story Prize is awarded for the best short story by a graduate or undergraduate student at UC Berkeley. 

History of the Prize. From the Regents' Minutes, February 9, 1940: "The will of Julia Keith Shrout, a resident of Santa Clara County, California, contained the following bequest: 'I intrust my lots 25 and 26 Inner Harbor Richmond to Ethyl Nugent for a memorial fund . . . to be used as the prize . . . each year for the best short story by any University of California student. The lots not to be sold until they bring twenty-five hundred dollars. The memorial fund to be the Oliver Porter Shrout, Morrison Earl Shrout, and Julia Keith Shrout fund.'"

Please review the General Rules for Competitive Prizes.

Contest deadlines vary.  Please check the Prizes and Honors home page for this prize's deadline.

Previous Winners

2019-20: Sabrina Jaszi ($150) 

2018-19: Salwa Meghjee ($150)

2017-18: Gianna Theodora Ward-Veterano, Rebekah A. Gonzalez ($200)

2016-17: Sheryl Barbera and Sean Dennison ($75 each)

2015-16: 1st prize: Sara Khan ($200); 2nd prize: Rachel King ($125); 3rd prize: Roxanne Forbes ($75)

2014-15: Lillian Berger ($400)

2013-14: 1st prize: Lisa Levin ($250); 2nd prize: Andrew David King ($150)

2012-13: 1st prize: Leila Mansouri ($250); 2nd prize: Dylan Valle Rogers ($150)

2011-12: 1st prize: Andrew David King ($200); 2nd prize: Timothy Borjian ($125); 3rd prize: Anna Guan ($75)

2010-11: 1st prize: Leila Mansouri ($200); 2nd prize: Jenny (Yi) Xie ($100); 3rd prize: Betty Ho and Soleil David ($50 each)

2009-10: 1st prize: Lisa Santaniello ($150); 2nd prize: Dena Fehrenbacher ($130); 3rd prize: Angelene Smith ($120)

2008-09: 1st prize: Ezra Carlsen ($200); 2nd prize: Thomas Gamburg ($125); 3rd prize: Natalie Tsang ($75); Honorable Mention: Joe Cadora

2007-08: Joseph T. Cadora ($400)

2006-07: 1st prize: Liliana Loofbourow ($200), 2nd prize: Jane Park ($125), 3rd prize: Bob Meinke ($75)

2005-06: 1st prize: Jeff Lennon ($200), 2nd prize: Keleigh Friedrich ($125), 3rd prize: Jonathan Lewis ($75); Honorable Mentions: Jeffrey Takaki, Luda Hoe, Kathryn Farris & Dayna West

2004-05: 1st prize: Jeff Takaki ($200); 2nd prize: Mark Thomas ($125); 3rd prize: Arielle Simmons ($75); Honorable Mention: Martine Charnou

2003-04: Katherine Willett and Dorothy Couchman ($200 each);Honorable Mention: Jim Shoffner

2002-03:1st prize: Lital Levy ($200); 2nd prize: Michelle Mecklenburg and Arielle Simmons ($100 each)

2001-02: 1st prize: Oliver Hall ($200); 2nd prize: Paul Lee ($125); 3rd prize: Emily Teplin ($75)

2000-01: Karen Lee ($200); Dana Stevens ($100); Julie Andeson ($100)

1999-00: 25 entries;1st prize: Melissa Barshop, ($250); runner-up: Lulu Li ($150); Honorable Mention: Daniel Perez

1998-99: 1st prize: Hillary Commins ($200); 2nd prize: Aina Hunter ($100); 3rd prize: Caleb Smith and Jo Ann Virata ($50 each)

1997-98: 1st prize: John Spudich ($200); 2nd prize: Jose Alaniz ($125); 3rd prize: Anusha Ginivasan ($75); Honorable Mention: Bridget Dawn Hoida and Jennifer Stroud