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Prizes and Honors / Jeanne P. Steager Memorial Prize in Folklore

Description. The Jeanne P. Steager Memorial Prize in Folklore is open to all UC Berkeley students of any department. This prize is awarded annually to a student who has made an outstanding contribution in folklore during the academic year. The nature of the entry is not restricted; it may include papers based on library research, or field projects. Criteria for selection will include originality, excellence, and importance to the field of folklore. Graduate and undergraduate students may submit entries.

History of the Prize. A letter to Joseph R. Mixer from William G. Lockwood and William R. Bascom, Chairman of the Executive Committee Folklore Program, dated April 11, 1966, reads as follows: "Classmates and friends of the late Jeanne P. Steager have contributed funds to establish an award as a memorial to her—the Jeanne P. Steager Memorial Prize in Folklore. This is to consist of an annual prize of $50 taken from the income and principal of the collected funds submitted herewith and awarded to a student who has made an outstanding contribution in folklore during the academic year. It is our hope to ensure a perpetual prize in her name." The prize was established in 1966.

Please review the General Rules for Competitive Prizes.

Contest deadlines vary.  Please check the Prizes and Honors home page for this prize's deadline.

Previous Winners

2019-20: Rebecca Lomnicky and Sara Ann Knutson ($25 each); Honorable Mention: Michele Segretario

 2018-19: Pascale Boucicaut ($100)

2017-18: Tracy Brannstrom ($100)

2016-17: No prize awarded

2015-16: No prize awarded

2014-15: Elaine Yau ($100)

2013-14: No prize awarded

2012-13: Hector Beltran and Ruth Elizabeth Goldstein ($125 each); Honorable Mention: Shakthi Nataraj

​2011-12: Kristine Lawson ($150)

2010-11: Alexa Hagerty ($150)

2009-10: No prize awarded

2008-09: Ted Biggs ($150)

2007-08: No entries received

2006-07: Jelani Mahiri ($50)

2005-06: No prize awarded

2004-05: No prize awarded

2003-04: Janice Hwang ($50)

2002-03: Adam David Zolkover ($50)

2001-02: Tamika Beamon ($50)

2000-01: No entries received

1999-00: Maria Teresa Agozzino and Tok Thompson ($25 each)

1998-99: No entries received

1997-98: No prize awarded