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Prizes and Honors / Dorothy Rosenberg Memorial Prize in Lyric Poetry

Description. The Dorothy Rosenberg Memorial Prize in Lyric Poetry will be awarded for composition of the best original unpublished lyric poem. Each entrant may submit only one poem; the length should not exceed thirty lines. A lyric poem is a poem that sings. It is usually quite short. When the poem is read aloud, it should inspire and delight by its heartfelt thought and feeling and the beauty of its language.

History of the Prize. When Dorothy Rosenberg died, her husband, Professor Marvin Rosenberg, established a fund to award this prize in her name.

Examples. The following lyric poetry was written by Dorothy Rosenberg. For additional examples of Dorothy Rosenberg's lyric poetry, historical background, and information on the Dorothy Rosenberg poetry prizes, please visit www.dorothyprizes.org.

There are some
secret places of the
heart no one else
knows, where I 
can go apart. 
How was it
love that one day I 
found you before 
me in the place 
that no one knew.

When you give me your love, you 
put a mystery into my hands. I 
take it in that spirit, and wait
Like a blind child I saw holding 
up a quiet folded dove; she 
was feeling it with her cheek.
And one could guess what wonders 
she would find: that she would 
see it better - being blind.

Contest deadlines vary. Please check the Prizes and Honors home page for this prize's deadline.

Please review the General Rules for Competitive Prizes. 

Previous Winners

2019-20: Yujane Chen and Aurelia Cojocaru ($3000) 

2018-19: Lydia Liu ($3000)

2017-18: Selden Cummings, Nina Djukic, Anthony Tucci-Berube, Claire Marie Stancek, Jennifer Lorden ($1040)

2016-17: Julie Lee, Kaisle Hill, Brianna Alleyne, Katrina Hall, undergraduate winners; Evan Klavon, graduate winner ($840 each)

2015-16: Alani Hicks-Bartlett ($1,000); Evan Bauer, Raj Bhargava, Ismael Farooqui, Carter Bryce Keeling, and Alan Xu ($800 each)

2014-15: Christopher Miller and Mary Wilson, graduate winners ($1,000 each); Lillian Berger, Andrew David King, and S. Carlota Salvador Megias, undergraduate winners ($1,000 each)

2013-14: Jane Gregory, graduate winner ($2,000); Andrew David King, undergraduate winner ($2,000)

2012-13: Rachel Trocchio, graduate winner ($850); Laura Ferris, Andrew David King, Larry Narron, and Claire Tuna, undergraduate winners ($850 each)

2011-12: Samuel Garrett Zeitlin, graduate winner ($2,400); Bryce Thronburg, undergraduate winner ($2,400)

2010-11: Jane Gregory, graduate winner ($1,600); Taylor Hickok and Kayla Krut, undergraduate winners ($1,600 each)

2009-10: Gillian Osborne, graduate winner ($1,000); 1st prize, undergraduate: Anna Reeser ($2,000), 2nd prize, undergraduate: Steven Lance ($1,500), 3rd prize, undergraduate: Emma Tome ($1,000), Honorable Mention: Teresa Jimenez ($500)

2008-09: Matthew Melnicki and Alani Hicks-Bartlett graduate winners ($2,000 each); 1st prize, undergraduate: Steven Lance ($2,000); Honorable Mention: Joe Cadora ($1,000)

2007-08: Kate Klonowski and Matthew Melnicki ($2,000 each)

2006-07: Colin Dingler, graduate winner ($2,000); James May, undergraduate winner ($2,000); Honorable Mention: Marisa Libbon

2005-06: Michael Nicholson and Elizabeth Young ($1,000 each); Honorable Mention: Diana Y. Chien

2004-05: Edgar Garcia ($500)

2003-04: Edgar Garcia ($200)

2002-03: Michael Heinrich ($200)

2001-02: Lily Dwyer ($100)

2000-01: Emily Beall ($100)

1999-00: Mandy Kahn ($100)

1998-99: Caetlin Benson-Allott ($100)

1997-98: Kimberly Johnson ($100)