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Prizes and Honors / Academy of American Poets Prize

Description. The Academy of American Poets Prize is open to all students of UC Berkeley in any department. This prize is awarded for the best poem or group of poems. Awards are for one winner and one honorable mention. No prize money is awarded to authors whose submissions receive honorable mention, but they will receive a certificate from the Academy. The names of winners will be published in the Academy's newsletter. 

History of the Prize. In 1979, Dr. Rae Ballard of Pasadena chose to sponsor The American Academy of Poets College Prize at Berkeley for several years as "The Galbraith Memorial Poetry Prize." Dr. Ballard wrote, "I was a graduate student and teaching assistant [at Berkeley] many years ago, receiving my Master's Degree in the early 'fifties... My interest in the prize itself was because of its encouragement of young writers." In 1996, The Academy, in conjunction with the New Hope Foundation for the Harold Taylor Fund, established a permanent endowment for The Academic of American Poets Prize at Berkeley. Harold Taylor, who died in 1993, was an avid reader of poetry, a devoted activist, and a progressive educator. His many years of service to these causes included time as president of Sarah Lawrence College, chairman of the Peace Research Institute and National Research Council on Peace Strategy, president of the American Ballet Theater, and coordinator for the Lenore Marshall/Nation Poetry Prize.

Please review the General Rules for Competitive Prizes

Contest deadlines vary. Please check the Prizes and Honors home page for this prize's deadline.

Previous Winners

2019-20: Max Kaisler ($100) 

2018-19: Lise Gaston ($100) 

2017-18:Mary Wilson ($100); Honorable Mentions: Beth Hightower, Rachel King, Anthony Tucci-Berube

2016-17: Alex Walton ($100)

2015-16: David A. Hernandez ($100)

2014-15: Alexandra Kopel ($100)

2013-14: Alyssa Zhang ($100)

2012-13: Andrew David King ($100)

2011-12: Danni Gorden ($100)

2010-11: Kelsa Trom and Gillian Osborne ($50 each)

2009-10: Steven Lance and Joe Cadora ($50 each)

2008-09: Steven Lance and Jennifer Reimer ($50 each); Honorable Mention: Nancy E. Patten

2007-08: Johnny T. Hernandez, Jr. and Matt Melnicki ($50 each)

2006-07: Colin Dingler ($100)

2005-06: Joon Song ($100)

2004-05: Vivian Huang ($100)

2003-04: Abigail Goldman and Jennifer Evans ($50 each)

2002-03: Nicholas Lauridsen ($100); Honorable Mentions: Kimberly Johnson and Sarah Spath

2001-02: Casey Butterfield & Pepper Luboff ($50 each)

2000-01: Yasmin Golan ($100); Honorable Mentions: Jared Stanley and Dana Stevens

1999-00: Ellen Samuels ($100); Honorable Mentions: William Clark, Elisabeth Hillman

1998-99: Mandy Kahn ($100); Honorable Mentions: Dominic Ang, Margo Ponce

1997-98: M. Jennifer Markus ($100)