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Change a Life

The university offers many opportunities to establish undergraduate scholarships to ensure that every young person in California has access to the excellence of a Berkeley education.

Your gift to support Berkeley undergraduates makes a tangible difference for the best students in the country from low- and middle-income backgrounds by reducing the amount of money they would otherwise need to borrow. Unique to Berkeley, more than one-third of our undergraduates come from households with annual incomes of less than $45,000. Berkeley serves about as many students experiencing financial challenges as all of the Ivy League universities combined, yet these schools have far more scholarship funding to offer students, and the amount of aid they provide is increasing dramatically.

To help defray their educational costs, Berkeley students must pay approximately $9,500 annually through a combination of loans and work. Your support will enable more high-achieving students to afford an education at one of the world’s preeminent teaching and research universities.

How can I support undergraduates?

The university's flagship Berkeley Undergraduate Scholarship Program reaches the broadest array of students. Supported by many donor funds and bequests, some established more than a century ago, these scholarships ensure that deserving undergraduates can afford to attend Berkeley. Programs that target more specific areas of funding are also available. You can make an immediate gift to support Berkeley’s undergraduates by filling out a secure online giving form at the Berkeley Undergraduate Scholarship donation site. Or, you may prefer to establish an endowment—the principal of which is held in perpetuity and invested to provide a steady stream of income for the purposes you designate—to permanently support undergraduates.

Scholarship Programs

The Berkeley Undergraduate Scholarship 

The Berkeley Undergraduate Scholarship Program is Berkeley's largest scholarship program and provides scholarship support to more than 2,500 deserving undergraduates each year. Supported by nearly 800 private donor funds—some established over a century ago—these scholarships make it possible for financially needy undergraduates to attend UC Berkeley and graduate with less debt.

Make a secure gift to the Berkeley Undergraduate Scholarship Fund.

Regents' and Chancellor's Scholarship

The Regents' and Chancellor's Scholarship is UC Berkeley's most prestigious scholarship offered to entering undergraduates. It attracts, retains, and graduates the most sought-after students in the world. Selected each year by Berkeley's world-renowned faculty through a competitive interview process, more than eight hundred meritorious scholars receive renewable scholarship awards ranging from $2,500 up to the full cost of attendance.

Make a secure gift to the Regents' and Chancellor's Scholarship Fund.

Fiat Lux Scholarship

The Fiat Lux Scholarship makes a profound impact on our campus community by shaping and informing each incoming class of freshmen with their resilience and unique life experiences.

Make a secure gift to the Fiat Lux Scholarship Fund

The Berkeley Dream Act Scholarship

The Berkeley Dream Act Scholarship is a new scholarship made possible by the passage of Assembly Bill 130 (AB 130), part of the California Dream Act. The scholarship awards up to $8,000 per semester, depending on financial need, to students who are exempt from paying nonresident tuition under Assembly Bill 540 (AB 540) and who are ineligible for federal financial aid.

Make a secure gift to the Berkeley Dream Act Scholarship Fund.