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Prizes and Honors / Quantedge Award for Academic Excellence

Description. The Quantedge Award for Academic Excellence for seniors of $300 is awarded to recognize exceptional sustained academic excellence among senior students (i.e. those who have completed at least 90 units) with a GPA of 4.0 at the University of California, Berkeley.  If you are receiving financial aid, the award is coordinated with your financial aid package.*

Prizes and Honors / Departmental Citations

Description. These awards are given by departments in recognition of distinguished undergraduate work. The Departmental Citation Plan was initiated in 1955 by the Committee on Prizes with the approval and support of the Chancellor. It is open to all departments wishing to participate. An individual major program within Undergraduate and Interdisciplinary Studies (UGIS) also may participate as if it were a department, if it has sufficiently excellent undergraduates who are unlikely to be awarded the citation from any one department.

Prizes and Honors / The University Medal

Description. A medal and $2,500 are awarded to the most distinguished graduating senior on the UC Berkeley campus. Three to five finalists each receive a Certificate of Distinction and $500. Prize awards are coordinated with the winner's financial aid package when necessary.* Students identified as meeting the preliminary requirements are contacted during the fall semester to alert them as to their standing and to confirm that they will graduate no later than the following summer.

Prizes and Honors / Kraft Award for Freshmen

Description. This is a University of California systemwide endowment. The award, approximately $270, differs from year to year and is determined by the fund amount and the number of awardees. If you are receiving financial aid, the award is coordinated with your financial aid package.*

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