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Prizes and Honors / George Morey Richardson Latin Translation Prize

Description. The Richardson Latin Translation Prize is open to all UC Berkeley students. A first-place prize and second-place prize are awarded for the best translation of classical English into Ciceronian Latin. 

History of the Prize. The Richardson Latin Translation Prize was established through the will of George Morey Richardson of Berkeley, dated May 16, 1896: "I give and devise to The Regents of the University of California, two lots or parcels of land, situated in Highland Trust, Oakland Township, Alameda County, State of California, to expend the income therefrom or from the proceeds thereof, when sold, for an annual prize known as the 'Richardson Latin Translation Prize,' to be awarded to undergraduates (later to include graduate students) of the University of California for the best translation of classical English into Ciceronian Latin." The prize was established in 1896.

Please review the General Rules for Competitive Prizes.

Contest deadlines vary. Please check the Prizes and Honors home page for this prize's deadline.

George Morey Richardson Latin Translation Prize Passage 2016-17

Joseph Addison, “Spare Time”

We all of us complain of the shortness of time, saith Seneca, and yet have much more than we know what to do with. Our lives, says he, are spent either in doing nothing at all, or in doing nothing to the purpose, or in doing nothing that we ought to do. We are always complaining our days are few, and acting as though there would be no end of them. That noble philosopher described our inconsistency with ourselves in this particular, by all those various turns of expression and thoughts which are peculiar to his writings.

I often consider mankind as wholly inconsistent with itself in a point that bears some affinity to the former. Though we seem grieved at the shortness of life in general, we are wishing every period of it at an end. The minor longs to be of age, then to be a man of business, then to make up an estate, then to arrive at honours, then to retire. Thus, although the whole of life is allowed by every one to be short, the several divisions of it appear long and tedious. We are for lengthening our span in general, but would fain contract the parts of which it is composed. The usurer would be very well satisfied to have all the time annihilated that lies between the present moment and next quarter-day. The politician would be contented to lose three years in his life, could he place things in the posture which he fancies they will stand in after such a revolution of time. The lover would be glad to strike out of his existence all the moments that are to pass away before the happy meeting. Thus, as fast as our time runs, we should be very glad, in most part of our lives, that it ran much faster than it does. Several hours of the day hang upon our hands, nay, we wish away whole years; and travel through time as through a country filled with many wild and empty wastes, which we would fain hurry over, that we may arrive at those several little settlements or imaginary points of rest which are dispersed up and down in it.

Previous Winners

2015-16: 1st prize: Michael Zellmann-Rohrer ($1,000); 2nd prize: Daniel Squire ($400)

2014-15: 1st prize: Michael Zellman-Rohrer ($1,000); 2nd prize: Tom Recht ($500)

2013-14: 1st prize: Michael Zellmann-Rohrer ($1500)

2012-13: 1st prize: Jared Hudson and Michael Zellman-Rohrer ($750 each)

2011-12: 1st prize: Michael Zellman-Rohrer ($2,000)

2010-11: 1st prize: Jared Hudson ($1,500); 2nd prize: Thomas Hendrickson ($500)

2009-10: 1st prize: Jared Hudson ($2,000)

2008-09: 1st prize: Jared Hudson ($1,500); 2nd prize: Antonia Pham Young ($500)

2007-08: 1st prize: Jared Hudson and Boris Rodin ($1,000 each)

2006-07: 1st prize: Jared Hudson ($2,000)

2005-06:  1st prize: Wilson Shearin ($1,500); 2nd prize: Kurt Lampe ($500)

2004-05: 1st prize: Kurt Lampe ($2,000)

2003-04: 1st prize: William Michael Short ($1,500); 2nd prize: J. C. Geissmann ($500)

2002-03: 1st prize: William Short ($2,000)

2001-02: 1st prize: Jon Christopher Geissmann ($1,000)

2000-01: 1st prize: Dylan Sailor ($1,000)

1999-00: 1st prize: Dylan Sailor ($1,000); 2nd prize: Amir Baghdadchi ($500)

1998-99: 1st prize: Dylan Sailor ($500)

1997-98: 1st prize: Dylan Sailor ($500)